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To prepare students pursuing the sciences for sustainable practices in industry, Green Chemistry education is essential in academia. Green Chemistry is making its way into the undergraduate and graduate level curriculum. Beyond Benign is partnering with academic and educational organizations to bring Green Chemistry education to academic institutions across the country and worldwide.


The Green Chemistry Commitment is a consortium program that unites the green chemistry community around shared goals and a common vision to:

  • expand the community of green chemists
  • grow departmental resources
  • improve connections to industry and job opportunities in green chemistry
  • affect systemic and lasting change in chemistry education

Colleges and Universities are signing on to the Commitment to transform chemistry education at their own institutions. The Commitment will track progress towards green chemistry implementation and adoption within chemistry departments.

Green Chemistry Commitment How-To Kit [PDF]

New Solutions 2011 Cannon & Warner [PDF]

GCC Case Studies - UC Berkeley & Gordon College [PDF]

"Green Chemistry Commitment" -
Chemical & Engineering News [PDF]

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From Chemical & Engineering News:

The Ivory Tower Goes Green
September 8, 2008

Corinne Marasco

students save earth

A FEW YEARS AGO one of Irv Levy's students told him she wanted to write her organic chemistry research paper on green chemistry. Levy was skeptical. He didn't think green chemistry sounded like "real chemistry." "It sounded like touchy-feely tree hugging," he recalls. "I recommended that she consider another topic, but she insisted." So he reluctantly agreed. Read more of the article "The Ivory Tower Goes Green" in Chemical and Engineering News...