About the iSUSTAIN™ Green Chemistry Index

The iSUSTAIN™ Green Chemistry Index is a tool which provides a methodology to generate a sustainability-based score for chemical products and processes. It contains a set of sustainability metrics based on the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry and takes into account factors like waste generation, energy usage, health and environmental impact of raw materials and products, and the safety of processing steps.

The Index was developed with two goals in mind:

  • Afford a measure of the sustainability for products/processes to both develop an initial sustainability baseline and provide guidance for process improvement
  • Act as a learning tool for the scientific community to provide increased familiarity with the Twelve Principles of Green chemistry and help scientists gain an appreciation of the factors within their control that can affect the overall sustainability of their processes

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the iSUSTAIN™ Green Chemistry Index Application in Use

To use the iSUSTAIN™ Green Chemistry Index Application, the user generates a scenario. The scenario contains information on the materials going into a process (the Bill of Materials In or BOM In), the materials out of a process (the product and any waste streams - the Bill of Materials Out or BOM Out) and the conditions used for the various steps in a process (the Process Steps). Several alternative scenarios can be generated for the same product/process, making changes within them to evaluate their effect on the overall sustainability score, thus allowing the user to do a "what-if" analysis.

This application is not a life cycle assessment (LCA). Rather, it is designed to provide evaluation of a product and/or process using readily available information and requiring much less time than a full LCA. As such, the tool currently provides a "gate-to-gate" assessment, looking upstream in a process to impacts of raw materials and then into the laboratory or production facility at the process being used to prepare the product under consideration. It is designed to allow use from a very early stage in the product development cycle (even before laboratory trials have begun), through to the later stages of commercial production. Over time, it is planned to evolve the application to utilize more detailed impact information as it becomes more readily available.

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the iSUSTAIN Alliance

The iSUSTAIN™ Green Chemistry Index has been developed through an alliance between Cytec Industries Inc., Sopheon PLC and Beyond Benign as an aid to determining how sustainable a chemical product or process may be.

  • Cytec Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals with business in Aerospace, High Performance Industrial Materials, Coating Resins, Industrial Process Chemicals and Additive Chemicals.
  • Sopheon is an international provider of product lifecycle management solutions that automate and govern the innovation process, enabling companies to increase revenues and profits from new products.
  • Beyond Benign is a non-profit educational organization that promotes green chemistry education in order to create an environmentally, socially and economically prosperous world.