Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Green Chemistry Institute

Beyond Benign is pleased to be participating in the ACS Green Chemistry Institute┬« Student Workshop at the 15th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference!

Conference Capstone Workshop for Students

This full-day, workshop is designed for students attending the GC&E conference. Undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are welcome. You must be registered for the GC&E conference and the workshop to attend. To register for the workshop, check the student workshop box on the conference registration form.

This student workshop is designed to take some of the lessons learned throughout the conference and put them into action. Learn why green chemistry education outreach is so valuable and how you can be a green chemistry ambassador at your school and in your community.

Stepping out from behind the lab bench to communicate your research in simple and meaningful ways is incredibly valuable. Green chemistry offers concrete solutions to many of the environmental challenges society faces. Inspiring the next generation of scientists is an excellent way to help create a sustainable tomorrow.

During this workshop you will hear from Beyond Benign staff members and current Beyond Benign Outreach Fellows from New England Colleges. Learn from the leading organization in green chemistry education and outreach how to engage and interact with audiences of all ages. This workshop promises to be an interactive and exciting experience.

ACS Green Chemistry Student Workshop Schedule

Student Green Chemistry Workshop Materials