Community Outreach & Communications

Community education is an essential piece to an environmentally, socially and economically prosperous world. Beyond Benign seeks to educate the community to inspire future scientists and to create more informed consumers and voters who are able to support a growing industrial market based in concepts of Green Chemistry and sustainability.

Beyond Benign’s team of educators & College Fellows interface with community groups to increase awareness of Green Chemistry and to increase science literacy. Regionally, Beyond Benign participates in the following activities:

  • K - 12 After School Mentoring
  • College & University visits and seminars
  • Science Fairs
  • Community-based informational events
  • Beyond Benign newsletter for Green Chemistry

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Congratulations to Siemens 2014
"We Can Change the World Challenge"
National Finalists: Fuel Economists

Green3r Clean3rs

Congratulatiobs to the Acton Boxborough High School & the Advanced Math and Science Academy charter school in Marlboro "Fuel Economists" 2014 High School National Finalists in the Siemens "We can Change the World Challenge".

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k through 12 outreach

Outreach: Field Trips

Regional middle, high schools and colleges/universities are encouraged to contact and schedule your field trips for the next academic year by contacting us at or 978.229.5454.

Field Trip Outreach Options [PDF]

2013 Summer Outreach Highlights 

This summer the Beyond Benign team led a variety of green chemistry activities and experiences across greater Boston at several Boston Public Libraries and Boston Greenfest. The BB outreach team consisted of Sarah McCarron, a Gordon College chemistry major; Ben Stewart, a University of New Hampshire chemistry graduate student; and Edison Duran, Luilly Gonzalez, Darwyn Joseph, and Angell Flores all Salem State Upward Bound Interns.

Ben and Sarah were leaders in assisting our high school interns and many outreach events. Students who attended the Boston Public Library Events learned about ocean acidification, green chemistry solutions for sequestering CO2 and made their own ice cream using dry ice. The Salem State Upward Bound Interns were given the opportunity to work in the lab and learn about the importance of green chemistry, and were then able to share the knowledge that they had obtained with the public and other students in the community.